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1916-2016: Celebrations for the centenary of the sinking of HMHS Britannic and the S/S Burdigala

According to the event website  a three day commemorative event in Kea Island, Cyclades, Greece during the weekend  of Friday 30th September to  Sunday 2nd October 2016, will celebrate the “100 Years from the sinkings of S/S BURDIGALA & HMHS BRITANNIC”.

According to the local organisers, a series of lectures and other events will highlight the history of those shipwrecks, out of which the "Britannic" obviously stands out, not only because of her relation to the famous "Titanic", but also because of her pristine condition.

The Titanic is a shipwreck that has attracted the interest of the audience for over 100 years, since its sinking back in 1912.

Few are aware though that her sister ship the Britannic, sunk during WW1 in the Aegean Sea, Greece, on November 21st, 1916, with the loss of 30 persons out of the 1065 people on board and is now resting on the seabed in almost perfect condition.

The strait between Makronissos and Kea islands, just a few miles from the Temple of Poseidon on the southern tip of Attica, is one of the busiest sea passages, since antiquity with a history of 2500 years of navigation. 

"Victim" of the First World War, the Britannic was retrofitted into a hospital ship and sank after hitting a German mine that had been laid in late October by the German submarine U 73 and stayed for decades forgotten until the famous French oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau located and identified it in 1975. 

Since then, several diving and scientific expeditions have visited the wreck, which is of great interest, both because of its almost perfect condition, almost 100 years after the sinking, and because of its historical and archaeological significance. 

Unlike the "Titanic" that dragged more than 1,500 people at the bottom of the sea, the "Britannic" was more... merciful since just 30 people perished with her.

The "identity" of the Britannic

The "Britannic", one of three almost identical ocean liners of the shipping company "White Star", (the other two being the "Titanic" which sank in 1912 and the "Olympic" which was sold for scrap in the 1920s) is synonymous with luxury transatlantic voyages in the early 20th century.

It was launched in February 1914

Requisitioned in December 1915

Sank in November 1916

Registered length: 259.80 meters

Gross registered tonnage: 48,158

Cruising speed: 21 knots

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